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tap card is a free Digital Business Card maker. Contactless smart virtual visiting card enabled with a Link, QR & NFC technology. Share professional details with just one tap. No app is needed.

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फोटो गैलरी

You can showcase your product images on your digital business card.

सेवाओं की सूची

You can add your services with a short description and enquiry button. This helps you for a high chance to convert your visitor into a business lead.

वीकार्ड सेव करें

Visitors can save your digital business card in their phone in a vCard file format.

व्यवसायों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ

tap card will help you to convert more leads of your digital business card visitors into clients.

डिजिटल बिजनेस कार्ड क्यों?

tap card Features

व्हाट्सएप सक्षम

You can ON and OFF WhatsApp Chat Feature on your digital business card.

चित्र प्रदर्शनी

You can add product images or any business-related images in your gallery area.

सेवा अनुभाग

You can add your services with images and short descriptions in this section.

भुगतान विवरण

You can add your all accepted payment methods on your digital business vcard.

काम करने के घंटे

You can display your business opening hours. Your customer can see your business hours on your digital business card.

Google Business Integration

You can integrate your Google My Business Link with your digital business card.

Google Maps Integration

You can show your shop/business location on google maps. Visitors can easily navigate to your location.

सोशल मीडिया लिंक्स

Your all social media platform are in one place on your digital business card. Stay connected with your customers.

आधुनिक थीम

हमने यूजर इंटरफेस के लिए आधुनिक थीम का इस्तेमाल किया। यह पूरी तरह उत्तरदायी है।

साफ यूआई डिजाइन

We created all designs professionally. It made with latest frameworks.

तेज़ लोड हो रहा है

We give more importance to page load. Your digital business card loads faster than business websites.

अनोखा लिंक

Your name or business whatever it is. You can create your digital business card link as per your choice.

मूल्य निर्धारण

Choose your plan

Good investments will give you many times more business growth.


मुक्त /सदैव

Get a trial for a digital business card with limited features.

  • 1 vCards
  • 1 सेवाएं/उत्पाद
  • 1 दीर्घाओं
  • 5 कार्ड सुविधाएँ
  • 1 भुगतान सूचीबद्ध
  • नहीं निजीकृत लिंक
  • नहीं ब्रांडिंग छुपाएं
  • नहीं फ्री सेटअप
  • नहीं मुफ्त समर्थन
शुरू हो जाओ


₹499 /सदैव

Get more features of digital business card with limitless possibilities.

  • 1 vCards
  • 10 सेवाएं/उत्पाद
  • 10 दीर्घाओं
  • असीमित कार्ड सुविधाएँ
  • 3 भुगतान सूचीबद्ध
  • निजीकृत लिंक उपलब्ध
  • ब्रांडिंग छुपाएं उपलब्ध
  • फ्री सेटअप उपलब्ध
  • मुफ्त समर्थन उपलब्ध
शुरू हो जाओ


₹999 /सदैव

Get full features of digital business cards with limitless possibilities.

  • 5 vCards
  • असीमित सेवाएं/उत्पाद
  • असीमित दीर्घाओं
  • असीमित कार्ड सुविधाएँ
  • असीमित भुगतान सूचीबद्ध
  • निजीकृत लिंक उपलब्ध
  • ब्रांडिंग छुपाएं उपलब्ध
  • फ्री सेटअप उपलब्ध
  • मुफ्त समर्थन उपलब्ध
शुरू हो जाओ